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My name is Jeanne-Marie Catlin and I am the founder of Kitchen Jeannie Family Meals.  I have always had a passion for cooking and baking, starting at an early age.  As the youngest of five children, I always wanted to flaunt my abilities so when I would learn a new recipe or technique, I wanted to showcase this to the whole family.  This went on for years and now, I have a tendency to take over menu planning and cooking for the holidays!

The idea for Kitchen Jeannie was floating around for a while until it came into fruition when my sister asked me to prepare meals for her.  She was pregnant with her third child and has never really been fond of cooking.  She wanted to have meals portioned out in the freezer for quick dinners for her husband and other children.  Because I had been wanting to open a catering business for years, I already had a menu at my fingertips and had her select a plethora of meals based on her preferences, as well as her husband’s.  The morning came, a week before her due date, in which I was to go grocery shopping and prepare the meals.  Each meal was cooked, packaged, and chilled for her convenience to eat at a future date, with minimal effort to reheat.

I don’t think I ever had such a wonderful time “working” in my entire life, which really solidified what it was I wanted to do.  With a little push (okay, a lot of pushing…), my fiancé, Jon, finally convinced me to move forward with the career that I am so passionate about.  And Kitchen Jeannie was born!

Kitchen Jeannie Family Meals
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